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Our Goal

Our goal is to enjoy what we do, raise a product that is healthy and delicious!  We have chosen breeds of animals that have been carefully selected for their foraging instincts, maternal traits and excellent meat qualities.  Lush pastures provide a naturally delicious and healthy diet almost year around.  They also provide an ideal environment in which animals freely range.  Raising livestock on forages have a significant benefit for the health and well-being of the animals and in turn for our health and the sustainability of the environment.  And likewise it produces outstanding meat products!

With a goal to produce an animal that is as self sufficient as possible with as low of input as possible, the Katahdin breed was the perfect choice for us.  These sheep are as close to maintenance free as any animal I have ever been around.  We have culled and chose to produce a flock of ewes with parasite resistance, low maintenance, high fertility/prolificacy, and good mothering ability.  Doing this on forage made the Katahdin our breed of choice for our environment in middle Tennessee.

About Us

West Fork Farms is located in Alpine, Tennessee, right along the West Fork of the Obey River that feeds into Dale Hollow Lake. We are blessed to live in a great area to enjoy life and raise our family.  Our current farm has been in my family since 1905.

Robert is a salesman for a national transportation company. Moving large construction and agricultural equipment over the US and Canada has been my profession for 25 years. Raising sheep and horses and whatever else my wife will allow has been my other “job” to fill in the hours he is awake. Always trying to increase production or revenue that can come off current land, or making adjustments to facilities to make everything more efficient is more than enough to fill in the free time gaps!

Kim is 6th grade teacher, full time shepherdess and lover of dogs. Without her there would be no sheep, or at least a whole lot less! She can fence with the best of them. In the last couple years Kim has become quite the master chef of cooking lamb.

Madison is almost finished with college hoping to get a degree in accounting and Ben is sophomore in high school trying to figure out what he wants to do down the road that doesn’t involved a farm!

We both grew up living on a farm.  Not huge farms, but rather small scale especially for middle TN and southern KY.  My family raised cattle and hogs.  Kim grew up with her dad raising acres and acres of tomatoes.  She will barely touch one to this day!  We both grew up around the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, but own American Quarter Horses.  When in college we found local dentist who let us keep a couple horses at his farm so we rode weekly while in college.  Now we basically just like looking at them and raising a few babies a year.  We do have a couple nice reining bred broodmares and hope to raise quality horses that can compete in NRHA events.

About 2010 we started looking into sheep.  I liked lamb chops and thought it would be nice addition to our Angus cattle.  Maybe get a few to raise for ourselves.  Not wanting to shear any animals, I discovered hair sheep!  Then with some research found the Katahdin breed.  We started with 4 ewes and a ram and within a year we had bought 15 more ewes and were pushing 30 head.  We both enjoyed the sheep and ease of handling so we decided the cattle needed to go, so we went wide open with Katahdin sheep.

Currently we fluctuate between 75 and 130 ewes and hope to reach the 300+ ewe mark.


Check our online store for products and animals that may be available for purchase.


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West Fork Farms

Piney the baby sitter... #tinkerbell #tinkerwithguns #Reiner #nrha #westforkfarms #alpinetennessee ... See MoreSee Less

Piney the baby sitter... #tinkerbell #tinkerwithguns #Reiner #nrha #westforkfarms #alpinetennessee


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Britany Collins Piney still kicking around...just not very quickly

2 days ago

West Fork Farms

A little sunset flying. #dalehollowlake #overtoncountytn #sunset #blessed ... See MoreSee Less

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West Fork Farms

It's the little things that count, like led lights that actually work... #westforkfarms #trucker #sheepfarm ... See MoreSee Less

Its the little things that count, like led lights that actually work... #westforkfarms #trucker #sheepfarm

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West Fork Farms

#alpinetennessee #homesweethome #blessed #sheepfarm ... See MoreSee Less

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West Fork Farms

If you see Kimberly Walker today wish her a happy happy birthday! ... See MoreSee Less

If you see Kimberly Walker today wish her a happy happy birthday!


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Tell her happy birthday from the Boswell’s

Happy Birthday Kim, that cake is beautiful. 🎂💐

Happy birthday to Kim. 🎂🎈🎉🎁

Happy birthday Kim

Happy birthday Kim!

Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎁🎂🎈 Kim

happy birthday Kim

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday

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