Our goal is to enjoy what we do, raise a product that is healthy and delicious!  We have chosen breeds of animals that have been carefully selected for their foraging instincts, maternal traits and excellent meat qualities.  Lush pastures provide a naturally delicious and healthy diet almost year around.  They also provide an ideal environment in which animals freely range.  Raising livestock on forages have a significant benefit for the health and well-being of the animals and in turn for our health and the sustainability of the environment.  And likewise it produces outstanding meat products!

With a goal to produce an animal that is as self sufficient as possible with as low of input as possible, the Katahdin breed was the perfect choice for us.  These sheep are as close to maintenance free as any animal I have ever been around.  We have culled and chose to produce a flock of ewes with parasite resistance, low maintenance, high fertility/prolificacy, and good mothering ability.  Doing this on forage made the Katahdin our breed of choice for our environment in middle Tennessee.