Current Registered Katahdin Rams Being Used

West Fork Farms only uses registered Katahdin rams for raising lambs.  As we grow our flock we want to raise ewe lambs from only the best rams we can find or raise that suits our environment and management style.

WFF 16045 Katahdin Ram WFF 16045 Katahdin Ram

NSIP  6401042016WFF045, very balanced EPD’s

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WFF 18041

NSIP  6401042018WFF041, young ram with great potential.



WVF 266 Katahdin Ram
WVF 266 Katahdin Ram

NSIP 6400052014WVF266, very balanced ram with proven EPD’s, proven parasite resistance

Previously Used Katahdin Rams

Here is link to our previously used katahdin rams over the years.